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Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is a security feature that provides added protection for your University account. It requires a secondary authentication method (factor) in addition to your password.  MFA is required for Employee and Student accounts.

Table of Contents

Authentication Methods

View and Update your Authentication Methods Here:

When you login to a North Park site using your email and password, you will be prompted to verify that login using one of two methods.

Authentication Methods, also know as recovery methods or secondary authentication factors, include:

  1. Authentication App (IT recommends the Microsoft Authenticator App)

    1. Approve/Deny a Push Notification - DO NOT approve notifications for logins you do not recognize.

    2. Enter a six-digit code provided in the app.

  2. Personal Phone (text or voice)

    1. Enter a six-digit code provided via a text.

A personal email is also an authentication method, but it is not used for MFA.

Both methods require the use of a personal phone for authentication. IT recommends that you set up both methods.

Once you set up the Authenticator App, DO NOT delete the app from your device.

If you do not have access to a mobile phone for this purpose, please contact IT Support Services for alternate authentication methods.

Initial Setup and Updating MFA

MFA uses some of the same Authentication Methods as Password Recovery (Password)

When enabled, users are prompted to set up MFA on the next login to any O365 site.

Users should keep your authentication methods up to date so you're not locked out of your account. Update them here:

  1. Log in using your University credentials

  2. Choose "Security info" or "Update Info"

  3. If you have existing methods you can choose to "change" or "delete" here

  4. Choose the "+" to "Add Method"

  5. Microsoft recommends the Microsoft Authenticator App, but IT also recommends adding a personal email AND phone number for recovery.

If you are unable to access your account, and you no longer have access to your authentication methods, please contact IT Support Services for account verification.

When is MFA Required

MFA is required for logins on NEW browsers, computers, and/or sites. On trusted computers, you can choose to remember this authentication for 60 days.

MFA is like a set of keys for your account, so you should expect to have those keys when logging in to sites/services.

MFA is required on most University sites using O365 Single Sign-On (SSO).

International and Offline Authentication

If you are traveling abroad or somewhere without mobile phone service, but still need to log into your North Park account, the  Microsoft Authenticator App will allow you to authenticate via a code.

Unable to Login - MultiFactor Password ProtectedTransport Issue

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This issue is likely because of a setting in the Microsoft Authenticator app. The Authenticator is attempting to use passwordless login on an application that doesn’t support that feature. This includes Self Service. Make these adjustments within the Microsoft Authenticator app to continue.

  • Open Authenticator app

  • Open your account in the Authenticator app

  • Choose “Disable phone sign-in” to turn off passwordless authentication.

  • Clear cache on web browser

  • Try accessing the application (Self Service, etc.) from a normal browser window.


Your University credentials are used for most online sites and services. Use a smart, strong, and unique password and never share it with anyone.


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