Employee Computers

If approved for a North Park University computer, please note these policies and information.

New University Windows computers use Microsoft Intune for management. See the Employee Windows Computers page for more information.

Getting Started

Logging In

  • Use your North Park University username and password

Connecting to WiFi

  • Most employees will connect to NORTHPARK network with their username and password
  • Wireless
  • Special Lab and Loaner machines are connected to special networks

Adding a Printer

Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud

Accessing a Shared Drive

Connecting to AV in Classrooms

Helpful Information

Computers have limited disk space; be conscious of the limits on your device and your files.

Data Backup

Software Updates

  • Please keep your software and operating system up to date.
  • Automatic updates should be turned on.
  • Restarting your computer at regular intervals will ensure that updates are properly installed.

Password Sync

  • If you have a laptop, DO NOT change your University password while off-campus!
  • If you do change it off campus your laptop will not sync the change and you will be locked out.
  • You will be required to return the laptop to campus to re-sync the machine and your credentials.

Damage, Maintenance, and Theft

  • You are responsible for the care of University equipment as long as it is deployed to you.
  • North Park IT should be your resource for any questions regarding any maintenance to your North Park equipment.
  • Report any stolen equipment to North Park IT as well as Campus Security

Employee Computer & AV Equipment Policy

Please read the Employee Computer & AV Equipment Policy attachment below.