Your University credentials are used for most online sites and services. Use a smart, strong, and unique password at least 14 characters long and never share it with anyone.

North Park University Password Reset Landing Page:

SSPR - Self Service Password Reset

Password Recovery and Initial Setup

Use this if you do not know your current password, or are setting up your account for the first time.

If this is your first time logging into your North Park accounts, you should receive account information from Admissions (for Students) or Human Resources (for Employees).

You will need to know your North Park email address ( and have secondary authentication methods setup.

  1. Enter your User ID, which is your

  2. Enter the Capcha, and click "Next"

  3. Select a verification method from the options listed (email, text, call, Authenticator app)

  4. Enter the verification code sent to your recovery method

  5. Enter your new password of at least 14 characters and confirm it, then click Finish

If you no longer have access to your secondary authentication method(s), please contact IT Support Services for account verification.

Password Reset

Use this if you know your password, but want to change it.

Employees should only change their password while on campus, otherwise you risk your University laptop credentials getting out of sync with your current password. Ask IT Support Services for details.

  1. Log in using your University credentials

  2. Choose "Change Password"

  3. Enter your old (current) password

  4. Create a new password that is at least 14 characters long

  5. Confirm the new password

  6. Choose "submit"

Authentication Methods

These are the methods you use to sign into your account or reset your password. They are also used for Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA.

Authentication Methods, also know as recovery methods or secondary authentication factors, include:

  1. Authentication App (IT recommends the Microsoft Authenticator App)

  2. Personal Email

  3. Personal Phone (text or voice)

Add/Update Authentication Methods

You should keep your authentication methods up to date so you're not locked out of your account. Update them here:

  1. Log in using your University credentials

  2. Choose "Security info" or "Update Info"

  3. If you have existing methods you can choose to "change" or "delete" here

  4. Choose the "+" to "Add Method"

  5. Microsoft recommends the Microsoft Authenticator App, but IT also recommends adding a personal email AND phone number for recovery.

If you are unable to access your account, and you no longer have access to your authentication methods, please contact IT Support Services for account verification.

Account Verification

Your Authentication Methods are used to verify and gain access to your account. If you are unable to access or recover your account in this way, IT Support Services will ask to verify your personal information to ensure account security. IT Staff may ask for photo ID or other information in order to assist you.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mulit-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is additional security available for North Park accounts. More information can be found here:

Multi-Factor Authentication

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