Meet Me Conferencing

Meet-Me Conference Call Setup

Meet-me conference calls allow outside parties to call in to be added to a group conference call.

You must setup the MeetMe line before they can call in by obtaining a MeetMe conference number from North Park Information Technology.

To Place a MeetMe Conference Call

  1. Distribute the MeetMe conference number to all the participants.
  2. Pickup the handset or press the "Speaker Button"
  3. Press "more" soft key then "MeetMe" soft key
  4. Dial the MeetMe conference number extension.

All other participants join the meeting by dialing into the MeetMe conference Call by calling: (773) 244-xxxx  

When others join the meet-me conference, there is no alert that they joined, so instruct people to introduce themselves ahead of time.

Please be aware that anyone can join the conference call and you are not alerted that they are on the call.

To End a MeetMe conference call:

To end the MeetMe conference call, all participants must hang up the handset or press the "EndCall" soft key.