Dining Services Website


The North Park University Dining Services website is a third-party site provided by Aramark. In the past, there was a two-step process to create an account and then link that account to your NPU account and ID card. We have since moved to a Single Sign-On (SSO) system. Below is a how-to process for getting set up within the system. For additional information, please see the FAQ page and/or contact Aramark.


Aramark / Campus Dish Account

Signing into your account

  1. Navigate to the website: https://northpark.campusdish.com/

    1. This is not a North Park website – it will redirect you to a page controlled by Aramark.

  1. In the menu bar across the top, click the "Sign In" link:

Screenshot 2024-06-13 142415.png

  1. You will be asked the following question: “Do you have North Park University Login Account?” Students and employees should answer “I have Account”.

  1. Campus Dish will then redirect to the Microsoft SSO Login page. Login with your northpark.edu credentials.

    1. The password screen is shown below, but the user may first be prompted for their northpark.edu email.

    2. If you are already signed into your northpark.edu account in the current browser session, this step will be bypassed.

Aramark will occasionally present a promotional pop-up (pictured below). Signing up for their promotions and rewards is optional and does not affect one’s sign-in to their Campus Dish account.

Screenshot 2024-06-13 055217.png


If you have further questions about the site or your balance, please refer to the site FAQ page and/or contact Aramark.