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Use Follow Me and Mobility Print to utilize print services on both University and personal devices.


FollowMe Printing allows anyone to print to one of two generic print queues, then release the print job to any printer/copier with a release station.

Most new copiers and printers have Secure Print, meaning you will need your North Park ID card to release the print job to the machine.

  • FollowMe-BW for black and white duplex.
  • FollowMe-Color for color duplex.

Faculty and Staff can add these queues to any North Park issued computer. See Adding a Printer for North Park computers.

Lab computers and North Park laptops have the FollowMe print queues added.

All users should be able to print from personal devices using Mobility Print (see below).

Mobility Print & Personal Devices

Users can now print from a variety of personal devices to North Park’s campus printers.

Printing from personal devices is available on the FollowMe-BW and FollowMe-Color print queues.

Look for the “FollowMe” printing signs on certain machines.

Your device needs to be connected to the University WiFi. Printing is allowed from the following device types:

Windows Computers

  • Make sure you are connected to North Park's WiFi.
  • Click Here to download the Mobility Print installer.
  • Install and select the queue you wish to install
  • Enter your North Park Username and Password
  • Send your print job to one of the new queues. Then release at Print Release station.

Apple macOS Computers

  • Make sure you are connected to North Park's WiFi.
  • Open System Preferences > Printers and Scanners
  • Add a printer using Air Print
  • Detailed Instructions Here

Apple iOS - iPhone, iPad

  • Make sure you are connected to North Park's WiFi.
  • Mobility Print works just like AirPrint—print your content as you normally would!
  • Detailed Instructions Here


  • Make sure your Android is connected to North Park's WiFi.
  • Install the Mobility Print app from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app.
  • Tap Android settings.
  • Tap Mobility Print.
  • Tap the enable toggle.
  • Exit out of Settings.
  • Print your document. When prompted, enter your North Park username and password.
  • Detailed Instructions Here


Full instructions for Mobility Print can be found here: